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Paden Owens

Rancher and Businessman, 33
goodoh Energy+Cream is not like most creams/lotions. It is not like most creams or lotions. It is not greasy like most and absorbs really well into the skin. I normally hate using other creams/lotions cause of how greasy and sticky my hand is afterwards. I don't have that problem with the cream ! When I apply it before working out, I don't feel near as sore the next day and on days I apply it to my back if it is hurting, my back pain is gone for the rest of the day. I would recommend to others especially if they have an active lifestyle. I have used some on my wife when her whole back was sore. She was surprised how well it worked to relieve her of her pain and said the heat from it felt great but wasn't too hot.

Roger - Team Anderson

ATP Tennis Coach, 40
Symptoms before using had tight calf muscles/Achilles pain. Also had some inner knee pain. Applied goodoh Energy+ Cream and after about 5 mins had a nice, sharp, warm, tingling feel on calf/Achilles/knee which really loosened those areas up to feeling more loose for high intensity activity. The best part about it was the lavender scent, and soft touch of the cream. Clearly this is a high quality cream that delivers great results for athletes ranging from highly strenuous to casual gym goers/runners. Yes, I’d highly recommend to other athletes looking to warm up/loosen tight muscle groups or to use as a cool down muscle replenishment in recovery mode.

Yigit Isiker

Athlete and Parent to Athlete, 46
We are a family of three, me and my wife is 46 years old and we have a 15 years old son who is a full time tennis athlete. My son usually has tight back and sore quads after a long day of practice. My wife often has shoulder and back pain. My son applies goodoh energy+ cream after practice, usually after taking a shower for recover and also in the mornings for activation purposes. His experience with the cream has been very positive, he has noticed immediate benefits to his recover time and also faster activation in the mornings. The cream doesn’t leave residue or white marks, fully gets absorbed and doesn’t get your hands sticky. Also the lemon and lavender scent is very soothing. Absolutely recommended, we spread the word to all our tennis friends and families.

Marcos Pinheiro

Uber Driver and Social Tennis Player, 48
I’m 48 years old who loves playing tennis so I usually exercise 2-3 times a week. The last two years, I have been having a lot pain on my neck and the traditional treatments haven’t been very successful. So my friend recommended an energy cream called goodoh, I started the process about 1 month and I was shocked with the results. The energy cream is fantastic and topped my expectation seriously. I definitely recommend “Goodoh Energy cream"

Sukhwa Young

Tennis coach, 35
I am Sukhwa Young a former tennis player, current tennis coach and I’m on my feet 8 hours a day. I am 35 years old male. I currently have tendinitis of my left hip and most days it would ache in various degrees of pain. I have been using the energy cream and within a week or two it occurred to me I haven’t woken up with pain or aches in quite some time. There were no immediate relief however the results speak for itself. I have been ache free for over 3 months it’s easy to use, feels great, effective and would recommend to anyone that has any annoying aches or pains

Logan Horrigan

PGA Pro, 27
I was practicing 6-7 hours a day and everything just begins to ache. Neck gets sore, back gets sore shoulders get sore. It makes it very difficult to make the same swing over and over again. The goodoh energy+ cream was like a shot of adrenaline directly into those areas. Immediately loosens the areas where the cream was applied to up and allowed me to not only practice comfortably but made sure I was able to practice the right way as well. I 100% would recommend this. I let my girlfriend and her mother use it and they both absolutely love it as well. Great product

Raymond Haga

Tennis Player, Bike Rider, Businessman, 50
Age 50, Tennis Player, Bike Riding, Father of 2 college age kids, Husband, married 25 years I had severe lower back pain and couldn't doing anything physical after hurting my back. It was hard to just turn over on the couch or bed for a week and hard to do anything more than a slow walk I began to use goodoh Energy +Cream and it made my back pain feel much better and allowed me to begin stretching and I slowly began to be able to do more and more physical activities. The texture of the cream is good, not greasy or oily and it applies the right amount of heating sensation to the affected area. A pleasant, fresh scent that doesn't smell like medicine makes it an even better experience to use. I would highly recommend it for sports injuries or daily aches and pains

David Paulshock

Global Sales Director & Active Sportsman, 53
“I am a 53 year old male and played sports all my life. I continue to play golf 5-6 times a week, however, at the age of 50 it was like someone turned on a light switch making my lower back, neck, knees and shoulders, to stop working. My mobility to golf and for the most part get up out of bed every morning became a daily issue. Weekly visits to chiropractors and massages helped for two to three days, however, three days turned into two days and then two into one. Many known store brands of crème were recommended for my muscles to endure relief, however, some were greasy, some had tremendous odors and some only burned my skin, giving me a rash. That said, I was soon introduced to goodoh Energy Cream. Knowing nothing about the product I tried it thinking just another cream. However, within minutes of application my neck muscles, back muscles and knees started heating up with no burn. I put on a shirt, my knee brace and played 36 holes of golf. It was the most flexibility I had in a long time. I looked into the goodoh Cream to find out there is energy added to the cream which helps your body heal faster. I use goodoh Energy Cream daily! I let my wife use the cream for her migraines and she claims it helps tremendously. I would recommend this product to anyone not just athletes. It is not greasy or oily, doesn’t have any odors and loosens the muscles that could be restricting you from the flexibility and relief you need immediately.”

Kyle Bruce

Active Sportsman, 35
I’m 35 years old. I’m a very active person that enjoys golf, tennis, pickleball, and bowling. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes back in 2016 I have changed my lifestyle and loss over 35 pounds and started to eat better choices. I play golf and pickleball two times a week and bowl once a week. In the past few months. I have been sore in my left upper arm and lower left hip area after exercise and play. I heard about goodoh energy+ cream and decided to try it out after negative results from other creams. I applied the cream and massaged on the areas of soreness in the morning and evening. The fragrance is very light and clean. After a few minutes of application to the area the cream started to work its magic. The are would get warm and loosen up the muscles. After using it for three weeks I have noticed my muscles and joints are not as sore after playing sports or exercising. I would recommend this product.

Ella Pogue

Tennis Player, 16
I am 16 years old and a very active tennis player. Before using the goodoh Energy+ Cream my left hip was bothering me when I would run or push foreword. After using the cream I felt a warmth in the spot and my muscles felt more relaxed and less agitated. The application process is easy and effective. I would recommend this product to others because everyone gets hurt in some way and this cream really helps.
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