Our Story

Goodoh Activation and Recovery

Born In
Wesley Chapel, Florida

Here is the home of the best of the best athletes. Here, we practice, compete and recover with insane pursuit all year round.

This demanding schedule requires precise activation prior to performance, during performance and active recovery in between. This demand drives us to create a formula to enable precise muscle targeting.

Our R&D works with the best athletes, combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing to constantly refine the formula to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Why Is It Called Goodoh?

A simple expression - good.... oh.... The warm feeling of activation. Ready for action.
  • 01Exclamation used to express results beyond expectation.
  • 02It brings up the power of positivity.
  • 03It creates a happy and cheerful atmosphere.
  • 04It makes you feel friendly.
  • 05Simple and easy to remember.
  • 06Appropriate as a post-use expression.

goodoh - an expression of approval, agreement, or admiration


You perform - We take care of the rest

goodoh sports Energy+ Cream delivers warm, penetrating relief directly to the source of pain and activate natural recovery procedure.

Our ingredients penetrate deeply and provide gradual heat to soothe muscle and joint pain, arthritis, tendonitis and nagging injuries. It’s used not only by world-class athletes in pro-teams including ATP, WTA Tennis, PGA Golf players, NBA, MLB, EPL NFL athletes but also by senior people who has many pain caused by joint inflammation. No more lingering Odors and sticky gels.

It’s luxurious cream base rubs on like lotion and won’t stain on your clothes and sheets. Energy+ cream was made for everyday use to support your hard work. It is a solution for anybody seeking for pain relief and Natural healing which activation & recovery

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